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New decree creates Special Brigade to ensure wildlife conservation in the Pendjari National Park

A key milestone in the long-term conservation strategy being implemented by the Government of Benin in partnership with NGO African Parks, this decree activates significant investments in wildlife protection in Benin’s Pendjari National Park.

Three concrete developments are now underway:

  1. A special training centre in the heart of the Park to train a 100-strong Special Brigade of park rangers, radio operators and officers.
  2. New equipment enabling the Special Brigade to protect every kilometre of the Pendjari, including strong vehicles and ultra-light aircrafts to support anti-poaching operations.
  3. A revamped communications system featuring a 24/7 operations control and command room, allowing real-time communications between rangers and the management team.


For José Pliya, Director of the National Agency of Tourism and Heritage, the signature of this decree “is a great step towards the protection of wildlife, and more widely the development of a sustainable tourism offer in Benin”.

This sustainable approach has been applauded by Peter Fearnhead, CEO of African Parks Network, who added that the NGO is working to raise awareness in the local community and ensure future generations are conscious of the importance of national heritage and wildlife protection.