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A ground-breaking international partnership to save the Pendjari

The Government of Benin, the National Geographic Society, African Parks and the Wyss Foundation announced a ground-breaking partnership to save and revitalise the Pendjari, committing more than $23 million to its conservation.

The Pendjari is part of the W – Arly – Pendjari transnational complex, a UNESCO world heritage site, and is one of the last wild landscapes of West Africa. The Park is a vast refuge for the region’s wildlife, in particular for endangered species such as the West African elephant, lion, and also cheetah, antelope or buffalo.

Through this partnership, these four major players aim to combine expertise from conservation organisations and governments to achieve real and sustainable results for the Pendjari.

Saving and revitalising the Pendjari is one of Revealing Benin’s flagship projects, and is part of the development of a sustainable tourism sector in Benin, with a great social impact.

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“The international collaboration for this reserve is extraordinary, especially because it comes at a time when my government is committed to making tourism a lever for long-term development. It is all at once a matter of preservation of our environment and our natural resources, sustainable tourism and social impact.” – Patrice Talon, President of the Republic of Benin