Digital Economy Agency

Benin aspires to be, by 2021, the platform for digital services for all West Africa, and to use Information and Communication Technologies as a driver of its socioeconomic development. This is part of a wider goal of digital transition via the emergence of digital start-ups, the elaboration of a legal framework that supports their creation and expansion, and the deployment of secure public-private partnerships to ensure long-term stability.

Out of the eNNOV BENIN 2021 workshop, which took place on 31 May and 1 June 2016, strategic recommendations and innovative solutions emerged to converge into an ambitious national digital strategy.

The executing body of the newly formed Digital Council, the Digital Economy Agency, is in charge of preparing and organising the Council’s work as well as oversight and evaluation of the Council’s strategy. The Agency also serves as a focal for all Benin’s ministries and national agencies as they implement Benin’s multi-sectoral digital policies.

The Digital Economy Agency is thus responsible for planning projects, mobilising the necessary human, technical and financial resources, and ensuring they are properly and effectively implemented.

Main projects

6 flagship projets and 70 projects will be implemented in the next five years in the field of the Digital Economy:

  1. Development of high-speed and ultra-high-speed internet services across the country
  2. Shift from analogue broadcasting to digital terrestrial television
  3. Implementation of “Smart Government”
  4. Generalisation of E-commerce
  5. Generalisation of digital in the education sector
  6. Promoting development of digital content


telephone +229 21 30 02 26 (Ext : 3011)


address Bd de la Marina, Bâtiment Annexe de la Président, 2e étage, 01 BP 2028, Cotonou

contact Serge Adjovi, Managing Director