International Knowledge and Innovation City (IKIC)

IKIC is an ambitious project that will establish a centre for knowledge and excellence in Benin.

This “intelligent city” will cover more than 100 hectares and aim to educate the next generation of national and regional students, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

The urban campus will house schools, research centres, and incubators, allowing its residents to learn and develop together. IKIC will create 190,000 direct and indirect jobs, and will generate 130,000 graduates by 2030.

It will also be a leader in sustainable development, with carbon-neutral policies, renewable energy production, numerous green spaces and zero-emissions transport systems.

The Agency overseeing the development of IKIC is also in charge of relations with private and institutional partners interested in supporting the development of intelligent cities in Benin.




address Palais de la Marina 01 BP 2028 Cotonou

contact Christelle Sossoumihen


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