Agency for Living Environment and Sustainable Development

The Agency for Living Environment and Sustainable Development is responsible for launching and managing major development projects related to populations’ living environment, regional planning, building growth hubs, and driving sustainable development.

It is therefore a central actor in identifying and mobilising those strategic partners who wish to help transform the living environment of Benin’s people.

The Agency for Living Environment and Sustainable Development is equally in charge of undertaking all feasibility, technical, financial and judicial studies ahead of the launch of these development projects, as well as sourcing the necessary investment.

Main projects

  1. Project to Upgrade and Develop Benin’s Roadways
    • Global objective: to increase and modernise Benin’s roadways via the development and clean-up of 550km of urban roadways in Cotonou, Porto-Novo, Parakou, Abomey-Calavi, Sèmè-Podji, Abomey, Bohicon, Natitingou, and Lokossa
    • Specific objectives: improve circulation and mobility, facilitating populations’ access to civic facilities and sanitised water facilities; reduce cyclical flooding; revitalise the local economy and strengthen cities’ attractiveness
  2. Project to Build 20,000 Affordable Homes
    • Global objective: restructure the housing sector to include more social and affordable housing
    • Specific objectives: provide Beninese people with good-quality affordable housing in line with their capacity to pay; promote new construction methods and new approaches to urban planning; create thousands of domestic jobs; revitalise the construction sector and wider economic activity
  3. Project to Develop and Sanitise the Banks of Porto-Novo Lagoon
    • Global objective: redevelop the banks, reconnect them, sanitise the water, and revitalise Porto-Novo’s traditional neighbourhoods
    • Specific objectives: remove wild dumping grounds; depollute, redevelop and more rationally organise the public space; connect the town to the lagoon banks; promote cultural tourism; develop leisure and recreational facilities; and make the lagoon the green lung of the city
  4. Project to Restructure the Central Market and Rehabilitate the Road Network of Parakou
    • Global objective: transform Parakou into a centre for transit and distribution of goods through the modernisation of its central market
    • Specific objectives: revitalise the city centre in order to create a functioning urban space and promote economic activity; modernise, regenerate and sanitise Parakou market to drive economic activity; increase employment opportunities to develop incomes; promote the free port’s activities and build links between Cotonou Port and the wider region
  5. Project to Efficiently Manage Household Waste
    • Global objective: implement an efficient and sustainable waste management system for Cotonou, followed by progressive deployment across Grand Nokoue (Cotonou, Abomey-Calavi, Sémé-Podji, Ouidah, Porto-Novo)
    • Specific objectives: create a virtuous circle between waste organisation, collection, and recycling; remove wild dumping grounds; reorganise and strengthen the waste management sector; create jobs and educate the population


telephone +229 64 892 020


address Carré 396 Awhanleko Plage Ouest 04 BP 1527 Cotonou

contact Olga Prince-Dagnon


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