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A ground-breaking international partnership to save the Pendjari

The Government of Benin, the National Geographic Society, African Parks and the Wyss Foundation announced a ground-breaking partnership to save and revitalise the Pendjari.

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“Benin has kept its word and initiated the necessary structural reforms”

Lagarde acknowledged Benin’s sustained efforts and encouraged the country to continue undertaking reforms to improve the business climate and promote inclusive development.

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The Challenge Fund

The Challenge Fund: Benin turns its tourism sites into innovation labs

The Challenge Fund aims to support project leaders to conceive, incubate and launch on a large scale their innovative ideas to improve Benin’s travel destinations.

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How Benin is developing sustainable tourism

Benin is an unexpected treasure trove in terms of tourism and heritage. However, less than 5% of the tourism sector’s potential is currently being exploited, despite Benin’s impressive contribution to world history.

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New decree creates Special Brigade to ensure wildlife conservation in the Pendjari National Park

A key milestone in the long-term conservation strategy being implemented by the Government of Benin in partnership with NGO African Parks.

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Cudjo Lewis, from Benin to Alabama

The slave trade was officially outlawed on US territory from 01 January 1808. No more slaves were supposed to enter the United States from then on. And yet…

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